The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Intercultural Training

In today’s globalised business culture, there are no borders.

Most organizations collaborate with teams across cultures on a regular basis.
Successful leaders know that our globalized and virtual world requires an awareness of other cultures in order to respect and collaborate with each other, and an understanding of how to manage situations in a multicultural environment. By minimizing misunderstandings and day-to-day frustration, employers can increase productivity and improve financial results.

Learning how to work effectively with colleagues from different backgrounds is essential. Intercultural competence contributes to breaking down barriers, strengthening relationships, improving decision making skills and stimulating innovative thinking.

My experience in working with international teams, international business culture, international leadership coaching and my own journey relocating myself and my family across cultures, ensures a high-quality training that goes beyond the basics.

Programs can be delivered worldwide face-to-face or online.

Strenghts lies in difference, not in similarities.

Stephen R. Covey

Cross-cultural training is an amazing opportunity to:

Lead across cultures by developing intercultural competences that enables you to create and lead intercultural teams successfully, maximizing your potential in the international assignments and understanding business culture norms enabling you to quickly adjust to a new environment.

Communicate more effectively. When mixing team members of different cultures, communication becomes more complex, and relies on the level of intercultural competences.

Enhance your effectiveness when collaborating in multicultural environments. Support individuals and families in their adaptation in a new place by developing cultural awareness, sensitivity and addressing challenges in a different culture.

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