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I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Esmeralda as a coach and facilitator for a Leadership Program globally. Esmeralda is a great professional with high quality standards, high degree of commitment, available, always creative and generating great value.

Highly positive feedbacks from all the leaders she has accompained for months also confirm it.

We are proud to have her within our international network of coaches, and we will definitely work with her again!

Sabrina Escudero

International Project Manager

We were fortunate to have Esmeralda working for us in a large international project whose objective was to train more than 50international leaders, located in different countries in SouthEast Asia . Esmeralda was able to get the best of them unleashing their potential, helping them to achieve their individual goals through the excellent individual training and coaching done with each of them. It is important to highlight the positive feedback and gratitude the leaders shared and shown having Esmeralda as their coach-trainer. Esmeralda was working 6 months with each leader.

It’s worth to highlight her commitment, professionalism, perseverance, determination. She is an outstanding professional. We would choose to work with Esmeralda a thousand times more. Esmeralda, is one of those people who facilitate the work, collaborating in everything that is in your hand and always ready and willing to go the extra mile. Even being thousands of km away, she is able to make you feel closer transmitting always confidence, trust and contributing to every step of the project in an exceptional way. Thank you, Esmeralda for your contributions and teachings. I really hope to have the opportunity to continue walking in this VUCA world, with great professionals – and people – as you are.

Cristina Majado Pardo

Recruitment Consultant, Headhunter & HR training. Las Rozas De Madrid, Spain

I can not recommend Esme enough. She is one of the most encouraging, positive, and loving souls I know. Her hope and wisdom is infectious. Not only does she have the innate soft skills necessary to be a great coach, she is professionally trained in psychology as well as various coaching techniques and methods. I started working with Esme when I decided to transition from a full time military career serving abroad to my country of origin. Esme did not “solve my problems” for me- she helped me to formulate solutions and goals based on identification of my personal values. Before meeting Esme, I was aware of my “gut feeling” but did not realize my “gut feeling” was often a result of my personal values, cultivated over the span of my life. Esme helped me discover my life’s purpose right now and shine a light on the power of that purpose in my everyday decisions. She also helped hold me accountable for taking action to reach my goals. Esme can help you take the small steps that can lead to big changes over time. I can not recommend enough. Her methods are thoughtful and fun. She is a special resource- and anyone blessed enough to be coached by her will not be disappointed. Thank you, Esme!

Kristen Byers

Attorney, Self Employed at Kristen Byers

I was lucky enough to experience coaching from Esmeralda – she truly empowers you and help you live your life and be closer to your dreams. She understands the struggle of expat life – which can empower you even more if you are an expat or a trailing spouse. I truly recommend Esme as a coach – she will “kick” you to live mindfully and achieve your goals.

Katarzyna Nowacka-Jakubowska

Creative Trainer, Visual Thinking Trainer and Facilitator

Esmeralda was able to help me improving my confidence and stress management skills. Her communication style is direct and honest. Using visualisation techniques she helped me to understand new ways to approach issues that I never thought I had with myself. She is an excellent communicator and shows a lot of empathy. You will be able to connect with her quickly. If you are looking to move out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself and move to the next level, you will find in Esmeralda your perfect coach.

Teresa Lorenzo

Global Account Manager, Iron Mountain Madrid, Spain

He trabajado con Esmeralda casi 6 meses. Durante este tiempo Esmeralda me ha ayudado a sacar lo mejor de mi, a identificar inseguridades y a valorar mis capacidades. Su estilo es único, en las sesiones te ayuda a conectar tu mente con tus sentimientos y tu yo mas intimo. Esmeralda siempre tiene la pregunta adecuada que te hace reflexionar y te ayuda a encontrar soluciones y alternativas. Es una gran profesional, las sesiones con Esmeralda han sido realmente empoderantes! Sin duda seguiré contando con ella en un futuro y se la recomiendo a cualquier profesional que necesite una coach.

Carmen Rodriguez

Gender and Social Development Specialist

Empowering coaching has enabled me to give me the tools I needed to be more confident about myself and to prioritize the tasks that are important for setting up my own business. While being a mom and an entrepreneur, Esmeralda challenged me to push my limits further so I can be prepared for the next steps ahead while identifying the things that keep me grounded in my life. I would recommend her to other people who are looking for someone to listen to them and guide them through the different challenges of life.

Diana Ortiz Zuluaga

Aluna Bags Designer. Manila, Philippines

Working with Esmeralda was my introduction to the coaching process and I couldn’t have been more impressed by the process itself and the passion and commitment that she shows. The feedback provided in follow-up is helpful, as Esmeralda’s summary of each coaching session succinctly wraps up what came across during the discussion from someone else’s viewpoint. She truly listens and keys in on those areas where she observes a noticeable rise in enthusiasm or negative self-talk. Other pluses include the little exchanges between sessions either for encouraging notes or to pass on relevant links, book recommendations, etc, for areas of expressed interest. These are always right on target, providing food for thought, and often serve as great springboards for my own further research. This is not a follow-the-leader kind of journey, but more of an awakening to learn to appreciate and trust an internal compass, with Esmeralda acting rather as a light that helps to clarify sign posts along the way by asking important questions that always bring the discussion back to measuring up choices and actions against personal values. No one’s path is identical to another’s nor should it aspire to be.”

Taunia Ngo

Medical/Scientific Editor, California, USA.

Avec rigueur et bienveillance, Esmeralda m’a permis de voir clair dans les sujets que j’avais besoin de questionner. Esmeralda m’a guidée dans la mise en place d’actions simples, créatives et performantes, et j’ai fait bouger des lignes! J’ai particulièrement apprécié son professionnalisme et sa capacité d’écoute.

Delphine Zurro

Deleguee Regionale chez UNIFORMATION

Esme is an exceptional coach. I had the pleasure of training with her through the Coactive Coaching Certification process through the Coaches Training Institute. I was consitently impressed by her ability to hold space for her clients while also encouraging them to explore and embrace their potential. Esme has a gift for creating a coaching environment that is full of trust and support. I have been on the receiving end of her coaching and left feeling transformed and motivated to push forward.”

Darbe Allison, CPCC, ACC

Associate Director of Professional Development | Executive Coach | Career Coach | Podcast Co-Host

It has been my distinct pleasure to have both trained with and been coached by Esme. I could write a novel about how incredible she is and how fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to work with her, but, in an effort to be succinct, I will highlight her rich knowledge, insight and compassion. Her presence is authentic and infectious. She cares deeply about those she encounters and shares her talents openly and generously. Her keen awareness and intuition enable her to focus right on the core of the issue, and she skillfully peels away the layers of complexity to get to the heart of the matter. I strongly recommend Esme to anyone looking for a coach that will challenge them and provide them with tangible results.

Douglas Howe

Master Coach at Mind Gym, New York

Esme is a wise, compassionate and insightful coach with a delightful sense of humor and a flair for asking powerful questions. You will immediately be at ease in her presence and inspired to bring your best self to each interaction with her. I highly recommend her as a coach.

Cheryl Ferguson CPCC, ACC

Career Coach, Connector, Seattle, Washington

Amazing coaching process. Professional and rigorous. Great empathy and leadership skills. She will encourage and motivate you creating trust to get the best out of you. This process has given me a lot making changes possible. I totally recommend her. 

Almudena Veiga Pajon

Subdirectora de oficina Smart en Banco Santander

My working relationship with Esme started out organically and by chance, an idea floated as we were leaving some event. In between the kisses to the left and to the right cheeks, we talked about starting up again ‘Empowering Perspectives’ ( /vietnam). We promised to meet up again soon to discuss more. Ideas poured, commitments made, and activities planned. Within a few months, we had identified space, set a format and convinced over 20 women to join. Esme’s idea of the networking lunch was a hit. It offered space for participants to connect and added as a leverage point to negotiate with Jason Lush co-founder of the Click for free conference room space.  Esme managed this monthly group so with me for six months- selecting speakers, organizing details for presentations and connecting more and more people to join. Esme committed 100%- following -up and supporting even if she was on business trip abroad. Esme makes things happen. She brings people together and offers a balanced space for objection and praise. Initially, I wanted the group to have a very pure professional networking agenda, but Esme encouraged the need to focus holistically and consider other aspects of wellbeing. We both took a lot from this experience, and I must say in some ways -I took a bit more. I liked Esme’s style of communication- she aims to understand, asks questions, reframe what she understands, and then underlines agreements and differences. Her style is special- born out of her many lived experiences and her professional training. I feel as a Country Director for an international NGO, I learned from her that sometimes- just peeling back things to their simplest form is the best place to begin to understand each other and from there we can do anything! @ Esme, I wish you the very best in your future endeavors and look forward to collaborating again in the future!

Belinda Abraham

WASH PPP's focused on poor and disadvantaged groups, Hanoi, Vietnam

Esmeralda has been my coach in difficult moments of my career. Thanks to our sessions I managed to go ahead with hard decisions. Otherwise I would have postponed them. Her commitment as my coach was 100%. I would say she has the perfect combination of a sweet and strong approach. Her strong approach it was what I needed at that time to get me out of my comfort zone. Would I recommend her? Definitely. If you are not happy with a particular situation in life… Why waste so much energy when you are stuck? The great thing of having her as a coach if that she never applied any solution to me. She helped me to find my own answers.

Pilar Raigon Muñoz

Sales Team Leader. Lana Business Services Ltd, Chang May, Thailand.

Esmeralda is a person you can trust in all situations and extremely professional in her coaching. I have very much appreciated her sense of listening without any judgment, and her positive mindset that allows possibilities and solutions from other perspectives. She is very skilled at listening to others, at encouraging them, and at helping them finding the best way to move forward. It has been a real pleasure to work with her and to move forward. I strongly recommend her.

Muriel Assouline

Strategic Excellence Manager , HRA Pharma, Paris, France

The coaching experience with Esmeralda was “simply” amazing. Her attitude and ability to empathise are awesome. Thanks to her insights and her positive approach, my professional career potential and focus reached the top when I was on need. She is the one who will make your skills to reach further and beyond. Thanks Esmeralda

Ignacio Garcia Collantes

Country Coordinator │Swiss Red Cross, Addis Ababa, Delegation to Ethiopia.

I have gained clarity and motivation to move forward with Esmeralda, when I felt overwhelmed at one stage of my life. I am very happy with coaching sessions I had with her. She leads sessions in very professional manner and helped me to get to my goal. What I like about our sessions that she got my attention to things which was lost in my mind within so many things I was overwhelmed with at that time, made me aware of my roles, blind spots and how to prioritize things. Being an expat as well, she relates to some issues which are present in “living in other country”. She gently brought me to the point where my decisions became strong.  She is very sensitive to the topics, to the mood, even the voice of client to understand what is going on and yet she can push to make some steps towards client’s measurable and achievable goals. She is great with after session follow ups and reminders.  I highly recommend Esmeralda as a coach!

Aida Ishenalieva

Teacher for German as a Foreign Language at Goethe-Institut Manila

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